Friday, February 5, 2010


Here is a beautiful 8' long Alaia.  It is the TAMARACK TIGERESS, made from a single plank of Tiger Striped Koa wood harvested on the Hana side slopes of Haleakula Maui in 1898 by the Captain Mats**, stored in a discrete warehouse in Northern Florida until now.

Although it might spend most of its new life hanging on a wall, the board is so happy to be reborn and revealed as it's true self  as a replica of Princess Kaiulani's surfboard of the same year this tree was harvested to make a canoe.  This plank was sheard from the sides of the canoe, and cut from a 16' long plank to be now halved into 2 sister boards.   This is the first born...and is moving to California to ride Tamarack, Trestles, Swami's, Stonesteps, and she wants to go trim through the pointbreaks in Baja!  Doesn't she now...?
Come visit me and see some of these surfboards for youself at the Boards and Waves expo in Cocoa Beach in April.

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